photo of lozano holding a piece of her watercolour art


Hi! I am Patricia Lozano, an artist specializing in watercolour painting, plant portrait paintings and floral illustrations.

I grew up in a rural environment and as an artist I am inspired by all things nature. I am also a qualified florist and that has definitely had an impact in my practice, too.

I do love to fill my surroundings with beautiful indoor plants, as well as going outdoors to the countryside; my art reflects this.

In my work process I try to emphasize the qualities of watercolours. I use dry on wet and wet on wet techniques, applying several layers that can be seen through, owing to the inherently transparent quality of watercolour paint.

It is a lenghty process that requires patience. However, it is completely worthy as the final result is a piece of art full of textures and depth.

As a person who values nature deeply, I aim to minimize the environment impact that my creations, products and production processes might cause.

That is one of the key reasons that led me to work with watercolours. Watercolours are kinder on the environment thant other mediums, and there is minimal residual waste whilst painting. Likewise, I do also try and choose papers that are eco-friendly, from brands that have a commitment to keep things as sustainable as possible.