Morning at the Botanical Gardens

I got out of the underground and that eerie feeling hit me just slightly hard. It is becoming all too familiar. There was some people in the streets, and the sun was shinning on a summery morning of January. The benefits of living by the Mediterranean. There aren’t really many seasons. It felt as a kind of fast-forward jump to some future. The time goes by bizarrely these days though. It is because of the lack of celebrations, sister says. It felt we were suddenly in spring months.

No traffic, that is what felt wrong. No bars either. And extremely nice weather.

Inside the botanical gardens. The trees, the plants, the cats, and the greenhouses. Ah! The greenhouses! One could just move in. Make a bed beside the bromeliads, or underneath the ferns, and have the soil scents rock you to sleep. No sign of a life outside those walls.

I sneakily picked some leaves that I am now intending to propagate. And also using them as models whilst I think of what the next steps are, if I ever figure that out.


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