botanical watercolour painting of a philodendron micans
Philodendron mican 21x29cm AVAILABLE
floral watercolor art yellow and green colours
Taraxacum officinale 15,5x23cm //SOLD//
musa acumninata - leaf watercolour painting
Musa acuminata 22X32 //SOLD//
Crassula 21x29cm // SOLD //
Philodendron Pink princess 29x21cm AVAILABLE
Blue Chrisanthemum


floral watercolour painting
Petunia 15x15cm //SOLD//
olive leaf watercolor painting
Olea europaea 22x30cm //SOLD//
leaf watercolour painting
Asplenium nidus //SOLD//
ficus carica higuera watercolour painting original art
Ficus carica 21x29cm //SOLD//
Dracaena sanderiana 21x29cm
Begonia rex 21×30.5cm