Home life

I have a new home to live in, a new life to be built, and a new plant collection to be grown and get inspired with.

Don’t think I’d risk another these days

I keep an archive of all the projects to be made. I got restless and have been for a while, now. Sleep deprived. How to get calmer when I’m getting older. And so I feel “it is my last chance”, useless and mistakenly. Mislead by consciousness and heartbeats. Against my own wellbeing…

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From our window, the sunsets captivate our senses regularly ✨ We think about the colours, always the colours. Peach pinks, cobalt blue, lilac. A cozy warmth wraps me up whilst I am indeed afraid, at all times. It gets scarier the more you have to loose. I force myself to let go, let go, let go.


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